Organizational Assessment

planning sessionA map won’t help you find your way if you don’t know where you are. Understanding your organization’s performance is a crucial step in moving to a higher level of performance. This isn’t just about bottom line financials, patient outcomes, or staff turnover. These certainly are important factors but understanding how each organizational department or group progresses toward meeting its goals is a fundamental first step.

Jokovich Consulting can provide an assessment overviewing the entire organization to give the leadership team an opportunity to review, prioritize, and implement needed improvements to gain the maximum return on your investment. The baseline assessment provides an opportunity to review and understand how well aligned your organization is. The baseline assessment helps trace corporate goals through the organization, noting where those goals are reflected in department or group goals and then down to individual goals.

This assessment highlights organizational strengths, spotlighting processes that are finely tuned, well accepted in the organization and usually reflect high employee and customer satisfaction levels. Once recognized, these strengths should be shared across the organization, encouraging improved performance in additional areas.

How long does an assessment take? The time investment is relatively little considering the impact of the outcome. Depending on the size of the organization, an assessment can take from a half day to 3 days of interactive discussions and document reviews. Organizations that approach assessments as a collaborative effort can spark staff interest, a sense of ownership, and pride in work well done. Often, positive change begins immediately after the assessment.

With the baseline assessment as a foundation, Jokovich Consulting will help you structure a system of reviews and assessments, building an ongoing approach to learning and improvement.