About Nancy Jokovich

Nancy Jokovich is a recognized leader in organizational excellence. Her professional career encompasses more than twenty years as an internal change leader in the electronics industry at Texas Instruments and Solectron and seven years as a senior staff member in the national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

At Texas Instruments, Nancy worked with senior leaders to implement training tied to organizational goals, deploying a learning management system to track evaluation results and provide training ROI to the leadership team. She championed a process improvement program that achieved 96% staff participation. Her responsibilities extended from training and learning development through marketing and program management to customer service. At Solectron, Nancy led a team using Lean tools, such as 5S, to design and implement an organizational intervention that significantly improved manufacturing processes and was deployed across the company worldwide. As well, she championed and implemented a knowledge management system to facilitate best-practice sharing throughout the corporation, and helped write Solectron’s successful application for the 1997 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Nancy serves on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (2000-05, 2013), leading teams to some of the nation’s highest performing organizations, and before that as an examiner and senior examiner for the Texas Performance Excellence Award (1997-2001). A senior member of ASQ and a Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Effectiveness, Nancy received a bachelor's degree in computer science from North Carolina State University and a master's degree in linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin.

In 2006, Nancy joined the staff of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. In nearly seven years with the Program, she led the Award Process Team in the development of processes and tools to support the Board of Examiners in evaluating Baldrige Award applications. She was also responsible for the development of the examiner training curriculum. Each year, she received outstanding evaluations as a facilitator for senior and examiner training and as a coach and mentor for senior examiners in their roles as team leaders. For several years, she participated in the biannual revision of the Criteria for Performance Excellence. She is known for her passion for helping organizations improve and become more sustainable.

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