graphBaldrige Application Development

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was designed “to improve the competitiveness and performance of US organizations.” Overall performance excellence is an increasingly important element in competitiveness today. The Baldrige Award promotes sharing of successful performance strategies and the benefits derived from using these strategies. To receive a Baldrige Award, an organization must submit an application and be able to demonstrate role-model processes that include continuous improvement and organizational learning, engaging customers and employees, and demonstrate both excellent financial and operational results.

The actual process of developing an application can provide tremendous insights for the organization, and the value of an external assessment is high.

Jokovich Consulting can help you:

arrow establish an application development plan

arrow train an internal team on the Baldrige Criteria

arrow coach senior leaders to manage application teams

arrow finalize the application

arrow prepare the organization – leaders and employees – for a site visit

arrow analyze feedback and develop improvement plans