graphing toolsOrganizational Design and Improvement

Using key components such as assessment results and strategic planning, Jokovich Consulting works with you to set up a framework that includes your priorities for change, looking for the “low-hanging fruit”, the processes easiest to improve, and the processes having the biggest impact on organizational performance. Jokovich Consulting jump starts your leadership team by walking them through development of an approach for change, using tools such as PDCA, Kaizen, or Lean Six Sigma. We bring in key tools designed to facilitate, develop, manage and implement a process improvement program. The choice of the tool will depend on the scope of the change.

As you plan improvements, incorporate the needs and expectations of your stakeholders to drive change. Jokovich Consulting works side by side with you identifying appropriate examples and benchmarks from role-model organizations to use in the design or improvement of processes. Working together and using the benchmarks, Jokovich Consulting explains how to apply them in your organization, starting with a pilot project and moving to a full implementation.

Jokovich Consulting guides you in defining key metrics for monitoring processes and identifying any gaps in performance or strengths in execution. Looking for improvement opportunities, Jokovich Consulting helps you prepare methods for aligning the processes across the organization and measuring process performance for strategic goal achievement. Emphasizing communication of successes, cross-organizational alignment and process improvement helps ensure that all are aware and moving in the same direction to gain maximum benefit from the changes.