Jokovich Consulting is experienced in facilitating leadership and strategy sessions, in pulling together groups with diverse interests and opinions, to meet a common goal. These sessions include leadership retreats, strategic planning, team startups, process improvements, and program reviews.

Jokovich Consulting prepares a custom designed briefing and training program tailored to meet your organizational goals. We work with your managers to design and implement training plans, to meet your goals as well as to provide specific courses focused on your needs, complete with facilitator and student guides and train-the-trainer materials. Training plans for each employee, designed to fit their job function and organizational goals, will help build their engagement and commitment to the organization.

Do you know whether the training you offer is effective? As resources and budgets get tighter, it is all the more critical that your training dollars are maximized. Jokovich Consulting has evaluation methods to aid you in determining if your training program courses are effective and critical for your operations.