Leadership Development and Coaching

Leaders today face unique, fast paced, and unprecedented challenges unlike any before, with little or no history to help them make decisions. Jokovich Consulting has proven tools to take the guess work out of decision making and tracking decision outcomes. A common misconception is that if a person has experience in an organization or field, they can lead the division to increase performance and profitability. How do you know if your leaders are the right people to get the job done? An organization lacking strong leadership is like a …well, you complete the metaphor. It’s not a pretty picture. There are many common characteristics of leadership: character, integrity, vision, communication, coaching, decisiveness, empowering, and persuasiveness. As you look at the senior leaders, how do they set and communicate the vision and mission of the organization? How do they review the performance of the organization? What metrics and what schedules are used to determine whether progress is being made toward strategic goals and departmental plans? How do the senior leaders select and develop succession candidates, in terms of mentoring or leadership development training? How do they create a culture of customer engagement, personally engaging with key customers?

Jokovich Consulting has the tools for you and your senior leaders to strengthen your leadership system. Reviewing and developing plans for the improvement of leaders and the leadership system benefits all groups across the organization. Creating a focus on action helps the organization improve overall performance and move to attaining its vision.