Terry Rusconi
Vice President Performance Improvement, The University of Kansas Hospital:

“I have worked with Nancy Jokovich for over ten years as part of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. I have found Nancy to be an exceptional leader, collaborator and visionary, helping organizations celebrate their strengths and identify opportunities to become even better. There are several key areas of strength I have seen in working with Nancy.

Founded in the Baldrige Performance Excellence criteria, Nancy has the innate ability to assess an organization’s strengths and opportunities and help them move to the next level of performance. Her ability to interact with leadership and staff from across an organization combined with her strong observational skills allows Nancy to target an organization’s greatest areas of effectiveness. Building on these foundations, she is then able to work with them to determine the most critical opportunities to advance performance and strategize models and approaches for use across the organization.

Over the years, I have worked with Nancy in a number of training environments. From concept, to design to implementation, Nancy is able to develop and deliver training programs which support the needs of the adult learner and advance the goals and objectives of the organization. Nancy is comfortable in large and small classroom settings, is able to communicate complex concepts, and through interactive and targeted exercises, engages each and every participant. Feedback from those participating in programs she designs and delivers is always positive, not only based upon the experience but in the confidence of those attending to apply the skills they have learned.

Nancy is a leader. She is able to merge the transformational, servant, task-oriented and people-oriented leadership styles to achieve the desired goals. As a leader, Nancy fully engages herself in the work to be done. In the process, she shares her knowledge, enables those working with her to succeed, is able to find a way to address any challenges, and celebrates the success with the whole team. Whether working in a formal team, a self-directed workgroup, or with a number of volunteers, Nancy is able to articulate a vision, develop a plan for achieving that vision and follow through on that plan until the desired goals are accomplished.

Nancy is an exceptional person with the ability to work with a wide array of individuals in a wide range of environments and sectors. Her ability to translate best practices to a variety of settings allows her to help organizations succeed. Her skills are second to none.”