Mary Lange, CAE
President, IBAT Education Foundation:

"I would like to share my recommendation of Nancy Jokovich for ANY mission that calls for strategic alignment, leadership, culture change and project management. I have known Nancy for more than 20 years and personally benefitted from her method of questioning and team composition to accomplish large goals. Her communication style is inclusive and, if the situation calls for it, commanding. My work with Nancy has been in the not for profit world, working side by side as volunteer officers within the local chapter of the International Society for Performance and Instruction. In addition, I experienced her work when I served as an Examiner for the national Malcolm Baldrige Program. Nancy is masterful at bringing divergent groups together to first listen and define the core issue, and then creating an effective approach to solve problems. The resulting action plans are aligned with strategy, and threaded into the overall culture of an organization. She is results oriented with a great sense of humor and grace that is effective in disarming those who may not agree with one another, all the while, keeping a mission on track and moving forward.

I recommend her work highly.”